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What We Do

Exercise is pretty simple.  The movements should be simple yet functional.

Functional Movement: Our day-to-day lives require movement. In order to function, we have to sit, stand, squat, lift, throw, push, pull, climb, jump, run, etc. These movements come naturally and humans have been performing them for thousands of years. Functional movements are inherently safe and can accomplish a lot of work since multiple muscles and joints are working together. Cross Fitness Training replaces single joint movements with functional movements. It replaces the bench press with shoulder press, bicep curls with pull-ups, and leg extensions with squats. These multi-joint movements initiate powerful neuroendocrine responses burning fat and building muscle to produce the lean, tone, athletic look you have always wanted.

Cross Fitness Training workouts also include a wide variety of exercises done with various loads, reps, and rest intervals to ensure adequate training in both aerobic and anaerobic energy pathways. Workouts include weightlifting, running, gymnastics, kettle-bell, power lifting, plyometrics, rowing, jump rope and medicine ball exercises…just to name a few. Don’t freak out if you don’t have any experience or maybe have never even heard of some of these methods. The beauty is it can be scaled down so my mother can get a great workout just as easily as it can be scaled up to give athletes the challenge they need to keep getting better. CrossFit certified trainers ensure you are getting the right dosage needed to maintain the programs benefits while maintaining the safety of yourself and those around you.

High Intensity Interval Training: Intensity is necessary for our bodies to positively adapt to exercise. Lack of intensity could be the reason you got limited to no results with previous work out regimens. That doesn’t happen in Cross Fitness Training. It’s intensity is unrivaled because every workout is a mini-competition against yourself or others. The goal is to do the prescribed workout of the day (WOD’s) in the shortest amount of time, the most repetitions in an allotted amount of time, or move the most amount of weight you can. Science has proven that HIIT training is more beneficial than traditional “endurance” workouts and it can be done in much less time.