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Anne Zeka – Level 1 CrossFit Trainer

Anne Zeka CrossFit Trainer

Anne Zeka – CrossFit Trainer

After having my three girls   Ali, Britt, and Dru – I was looking for a way to get back into shape. My husband, Colby, and I did our first workout back in 2011 and we were both hooked! Coming from a basketball and track background, lifting weights was not my favorite! CrossFit workouts have a unique way of making the strength part of conditioning fun for me. Almost immediately I began to notice a difference in my strength and appearance. Even though I earned my degree in business, personal training and health always interested me. So after training for a few months I decided to increase my knowledge of CrossFit by signing up for the Level 1 CrossFit Trainer’s course. Now as a certified trainer, I get to share that knowledge on a daily basis and get to witness first hand other people improving how their bodies look and feel. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Hannah Shuck – Level 1 CrossFit Trainer

Hannah Shuck CrossFit Trainer

Hannah Shuck – CrossFit Trainer

CrossFit has changed my life. I did my first CrossFit workout the fall of 2012 and I was all in. After playing college softball, I was looking for a way to get in shape and improve my all around health. It has helped shift my focus from the weight on the scale to the weight on the bar. My progress is now measured by reaching my goals of movements, lifts, personal records and time! I have always been involved with sports and fitness and CrossFit helped me find my deeper passion for health and fitness. I am a Physical Education teacher and coach at Wellington Middle School. After doing CrossFit for a year and a half, I decided to take the Level 1 CrossFit Trainer’s course and deepen my knowledge of the fundamentals of CrossFit movements.Read more…

Throughout my fitness journey, I have changed as a person and my biggest motivation is to be better than I was yesterday. My goal is to share my passion for fitness and healthy lifestyle with as many people as possible. I’ve learned that no matter if you’re young or old, fit or if you’re under construction, come and try it and see what CrossFit can do for you! I am so grateful to get to share this life changing journey with each and everyone of you!

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