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Dr. Gill on Fitness Training

Chiropractic and Fitness Training

Dr. Gill on CrossFit

Dr. Gill on CrossFit

I received my Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 2001. Because of my interest in athletics, I furthered my education in 2006 to became a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician. Shortly after that, I was introduced to Fitness Training and began to discover how chiropractic and Fitness Training were the perfect marriage!

Get Back To Doing What You Love

Unfortunately, I see everyday how a patient’s physical conditioning, or lack there of, prohibits them from the activities they enjoy. Maybe it’s a dad who can no longer play catch with his kid for fear of “throwing his back out”. Maybe its a runner, or bowler who cannot participate in their sport without suffering from pain and lack of mobility for days afterwards.

As a chiropractor, it’s my job to fix people when they hurt themselves; however, once I get their spines moving, muscles loosened, and nerves calmed down- it is up to the patient to try and keep it that way! Any exercise program you use to get yourself up moving is better than nothing, but the movements that we teach and use on a daily basis in Fitness Training are the BEST! No other program out there teaches people to properly engage their core muscles and utilize their limbs in a full range of motion to help prevent injuries and discourage the arthritis/degenerative joint disease process.

“Universal Scalability”

One of the real beauties of Fitness Training workouts is they can be scaled down so grandmothers can get a great workout just as easily as it can be scaled up to “punish” elite athletes. “Universal scalability” is the term we use to describe this principle. Everyone who comes to our classes does the same basic exercises and rep schemes in the workouts, no matter what their age, level of fitness, or gender is. Now, I wouldn’t expect one of my 60 something year old female clients to rep out a 300 lb dead lift, but to be truly “fit” they definitely need to be able to perform dead lifts.

Our certified trainers will decrease the weight in order to provide the client with enough of a stimulus to give them the benefits of the exercise without sacrificing the safety of the client or others around them. Even something as basic as a push-up can be hard to do at first. If you can’t do them, no worries, we will prop you up onto a box to take some of your body weight off and gradually progress you from there.

CrossFit Group

CrossFit is for all fitness levels.

You cannot be too “out of shape” to join our gym. I find it amusing when someone tells me they want to get in shape before they start. There is no better way to improve your fitness level than to begin doing scaled down versions of the workouts we do.

Our 2 week starter class is designed specifically for teaching people the basic exercises used in Fitness Training and improve their conditioning enough so they will begin reaping the benefits when they progress to the regular classes. If you want to take a slower, more individualized path to preparing yourself for our regular classes, a Fitness Training certified trainer is available for personal training sessions. This type of setting helps many people overcome their fears and gradually makes them more comfortable with the Fitness Training atmosphere. We have a wide variety of shapes, sizes, ages, and fitness levels in our gym. We have guys who could one day make it to the regional level in the Fitness Training games, and we have people who just enjoy accomplishing new physical tasks that they might have deemed impossible before they started. No matter what your level, we would love to have you!

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